Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fireworks ? pffft - He's standing up !

Yep, Sid's standing up unassisted for a few moments now. And dancing. And occasionally saying 'idney'. I guess the S takes a while.



Marie said...

Wow! How old is Sid? Jack does not even say Jack yet and he's 25 months.

Kyle Peterson said...

He's 10 months now. He's very 'selective' about when he talks. Usually early mornings after waking up and cuddling in bed.

Of course it's baby talk, but friends and family hear the same things we do. He may not say daddy for a few days now. Or he may say pupupupup all day long.

Oh, and yelling. He loves to yell and dance above the noise of his toys. Yelling gets interesting sometimes.