Monday, August 27, 2007

Where's daddy ?

< today's post will be written by Sid >

Daddy didn't come home from work at the right time today. I listened and listened. Caesar perked up a couple of times, but they were false alarms. It's 3:30, and daddy is tardy ! Why are we going to Aunt Carols house ?

Daddy !

Hmm, so we're at Aunt Carols house, there's no hurricane, no trees fell that I'm aware of....

A birthday !?

Mine ?

No ? :-(

Aunt Carols ?! Aunts have birthdays too ? That's AWESOME ! I've got to come up with something especially cute for this occasion. Maybe I'll just hug her neck and pat her back... while I'm stealing her cake....

MMMMMMMmmmmm. Does she know sign language ? Woo hoo. She does ! MORE MORE !

Happy BIrthday Big Sis.

We love you.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dad's first outing alone with Sid

This morning I dropped Christie off at work around 6:45. Early Saturday mornings are a good time to do whatever shopping is required at the local WallyWorld. The only thing we buy there is dog food. Really.

I popped Sid's helmet on and we headed out. This was my first time to take him by myself. It's pretty odd once I thought about it. He's almost one year old, and we haven't been anywhere alone. The walmart tour was uneventful. He's unimpressed with the colorful toys. Same for the flashy signage and noisy TV displays. The PA system was equally annoying. Apparently the most impressive things at a big-box-store for an almost one year old are:

The gymnasium style lights, really high up there.
The downward blast of air upon entering the store for HVAC purposes.

Leap kept him happy on the way home, and we didn't see a point to ride around burning that high dollar gasoline for no reason. Couldn't quite get his helmet to fit proper either. Just enough room for a bottle in there, but he's having a little trouble holding the helmet up AND his bottle when we take turns on the suzuki.

He's quite happy to pull up on anything within reach, and likes to examine every single toy in his toy-box. Three examinations per toy seems to be his threshold for attention, then he's on to inspecting all things verticle. The sound of the sliding glass door impresses him, as he smacks it with an open palm.

There's Saturday in a nutshell. I really don't know where women get the energy to raise kids.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What's that ?

< Today's post will be written by Sid >

Daddy's outside working on his truck. Mommy's grilling hamburgers, and Nana is playing tirelessly with me. It's been a pretty fun weekend. Just now I've decided to let the family know I can drink from a normal glass, so long as there is something fun in it. Fun means sweet and sticky, and the possibility of making other things really sticky. Like my clothes. My vibrating bouncy chair is a good thing to get all sticky too.

Speaking of diapers, mommy bought some really un-fun types lately. I had just perfected the task of squishing interesting bits of poo out of that last brand. You know how some brands work really really good for this, right ? Bah, these new ones are just no fun at all.

Think I"ll keep mommy up till about 9:30 tonight playing with all the cushions on the couch. They're really much more comfortable for me on the floor. Kinda silly to keep them all together when the floor is a much better play area.

Time to mention something interesting to daddy and see if he can figure out what I said. That guy, he's alright and all, he means well, he just doesn't get it sometimes. I'm obviousely screaming for him to pick up the BLUE block and put it in my bucket. The RED block is soooOOooo yesterday. Is he dense or what ?

Hello 7:30. Time for a bit of yelling and then a boobie break or two, just to keep mommy on her toes. She's a keeper.