Monday, August 27, 2007

Where's daddy ?

< today's post will be written by Sid >

Daddy didn't come home from work at the right time today. I listened and listened. Caesar perked up a couple of times, but they were false alarms. It's 3:30, and daddy is tardy ! Why are we going to Aunt Carols house ?

Daddy !

Hmm, so we're at Aunt Carols house, there's no hurricane, no trees fell that I'm aware of....

A birthday !?

Mine ?

No ? :-(

Aunt Carols ?! Aunts have birthdays too ? That's AWESOME ! I've got to come up with something especially cute for this occasion. Maybe I'll just hug her neck and pat her back... while I'm stealing her cake....

MMMMMMMmmmmm. Does she know sign language ? Woo hoo. She does ! MORE MORE !

Happy BIrthday Big Sis.

We love you.

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