Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mixed bag tonight :-)

Sid has started turning books right side up when they're upside down. Something about this is developmental, but it's really cute too. :)

He's starting to clap a little.

He finally signs 'help', and 'swing' pretty good.

Today was a shot day @ the doctors office. We found out he has a hernia. More surgery. We're going to try and do this while he's already sedated for the first separations in dallas. No idea if it's feasible yet. Wishing our lives away with wanting surgeries 'over', but we still want them over.

Sid talks to his little brother/sister through Christie's tummy. It's cute. OK, it's really funny, seeing a kid YELL into a naval.

I haven't written in Sid and +1's journal in over a week. I'm slipping.

What else is he doing ? Starting to stand unassisted, jumping a little, and he dribbled a beach ball today. Ya. That was freaking cooooooooool. We were all ecstatic.

Christie's childhood rocking chair:

So much love:

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