Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sid's First Separation

Sid now has his "Spock" right hand and foot, and his index and pinky free on his left hand and foot. The surgery went well, he's sleeping for now. Lots of pain and agrevation afterwards, which was expected. We cried about a dozen times today. Here's the rundown:

400 Sid woke up, played/snuggled
530 We left for the hospital
630 Started the pre-op stuff
700 Goofy Juice
730 Yep, he was full on goofy, time for kisses and bye byes.
various phone calls to his wonderful nurse Ann. (hope I've spelled her name right)
1230 or so, all done, into recovery, lots of tears. :( my buddy hurts.
various stuff happens, lots of crying, my buddy hurts...
1822 he's sleeping well for now, mozart on the cd player, lights down low.

Did I mention we cried allot today ? We're happy he's on his way to fingers, so sad he hurts, all those things you troopers already know.

We're so thankful for all the doctors, nurses, techs, cnas, and all the other folks that work REALLY HARD to make kids days easier.

We're also thankful for the our Apert Family, all the hopes, prayers, wishes, and gifts. Christie, Sid, and +1 are my everything, my hopes, dreams, and prayers. Our extended family from these so called 'birth defects' are some fantastic people. We can always count on you for encouragement, joy, testimony to real life, and great journeys to happiness.

Thank you all so much, please know every single thought you think of us helps.

Jack, we left your gift at home in the rush. We'll definitely put it to use when we get back. Love you man. :)

Olivia, you and Emilia are so much fun. Thank you for the balloon, camera tips, and smiles. You've done so much for our spirits.

Everyone else, we'll catch up with the listserv at some when we get home. Thanks thanks thanks. You give so much love, we're in debt to you now.

And here are the pictures. (some are from the operation, request, and we'll share by email)

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