Friday, August 8, 2008

Pay attention dads...

Take a good look at this picture, then we'll get started (you can click it for a bigger version):

Nana does so much for us. She watches Sid, helps, cleans, helps, advises sometimes (always correctly), and has been helping with all the family/friends coming to town. Today she got to finally stay with her new granddaughter for a while at the hospital, and I watched Sid for a change.

Still remember the picture ? Cool.

So Nana's at the hospital, I get Sid to myself most of the day...
We went home and played in the yard a while. Ate some left over pizza. Napped in the 'big' bed together. Then went for milkshakes and on to the hospital. It was around 4pm and the time of day for being outside. We took one of Sid's new yellow balls outside to kick around. Nice and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Maybe 85 degrees. The grass is just dry enough to crunch under our feet.
He was getting a little hot so he wanted to sit down a while. Wind was blowing, crepe myrtles were shedding their blooms. Perfect sky. Then he said "lay back Daddy" and climbed onto my chest to watch them fall. Couple of planes flew overhead. He loves planes.

Now, do you remember the picture ? OK, go look again. He opened that window by himself. He reached for the round rocks on the roof. Those crepe myrtles were the ones we just played under. Those hills are the ones we drive over to get home and back.

Remember the picture ?

How old is my Sid ?

Where'd the time go ?

OK, I'm paying attention now, Sid.

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