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Friday, September 21, 2007

I like kids. They're like adults that are fun.

My parents have forgotten to update this online thing lately. Guess I'll do it myself. :)

When we were in Birmingham visiting Jack, daddy's big brother's wife's sister's kids needing someone to babysit them, so I obliged. They're good kids. They like to play LOUD and run around. I'm pretty good at yelling, but need to work on my running and imagining. Someone kept saying something about 'rough-housing' but their house was soft and smooth everywhere I touched it. The kids got a little quieter and didn't run as fast when one of the adults said 'rough-housing'. Guess the adults don't really know how to express themselves like we do.

We had alot of fun with their horse. He's named Jordan but mommy can't remember that part. She's stuck on calling him Taylor, which is kind of cute I guess. Daddy laughs everytime mommy gets it wrong. I try to act like I don't notice. Have you ever seen a big wooly horse that knew how to fetch pinecones ? He's pretty cool. Mommy and daddy say he's the biggest horse they've ever seen.

I took a few pictures of Jordan. Let's see if daddy remembers to paste them here.

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