Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sid's visit to Jacks house

We're a very fortunate family. We have a great deal of support from friends, family, and our new friends the Smiths. They were kind enough to let us visit their son Jack this past weekend. He's doing very well, and solid as stone. We thought Sid was a beefy kid until we picked up Jack for the first time. Sid feels like a baby again in comparison !

Jack shared his toys, swing, and even his very own computer. Keeping up with his roaming is sure to keep them busy. We were really surprised to see how quickly he gets around. Nothing is safe at 2 years we realized.

Take a peek at the pictures on our picasa page: Jacks House

We sure had a blast !

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Marie said...

Great pictures. Wow, did you guys notice what a pretty day it was? That blue blue sky with those painting-like puffy clouds will make everyone want to move to our area. You should beat the rush and move now! LOL.