Friday, January 11, 2008

Another 2001

2001 was a bad year for us. Basicly a bunch of stuff happened that wasn't positive. Here we are, 2007, same deal. Basically nothing has happened that is good so far, and we're only 10 1/2 days in.

Sidney is crying again. Imagine that. 16 months old and he's going to be screaming until he's 3 or 4, right ? Nothing like waking up at 11pm and listening to a toddler tantrum the rest of the night.

Medicaid/care/whatever won't approve any surgeries by competent, Apert experienced surgeons. The 'local guys' should be 'good enough' they say. Great, 2 or 3 fingers on a hand are enough instead of 5, right ?

Maybe we're not praying enough, no wait... TITHING enough, right ? If I just send $14 to some yahoo in Nebraska he'll pray for us, and our son, and everything will be ok. Sorry, haven't had a prayer answered in 35 years, and I'm spotting a trend.

I was going to say I was sorry for the negative energy, but I'm full of it, and I'm not.

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