Monday, January 21, 2008

Melatonin, we love you

We've had a little time with Sidney on melatonin at night. So far, it has done a very nice job of helping him sleep through the night. We're enjoying having a bed to ourselves too, as he sleeps in his own. One feeding around midnight seems to keep him content, and means mommy can sleep much better. Apparently daddy sleeps through everything anyway, so he doesn't really know how much has changed.

He's doing well as he's weened also. He's down to one session before bed, and one around midnight. He surprises us with what he can handle. The crying has lessoned, and we're paying more attention to what he wants, instead of just trying to ignore the crying. Seems to work.

This weeks word is 'light' and 'up up up'. :)

Doing much better now.

If I were a poet I'd write something beautiful to melatonin.

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