Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Good Report

( The last CT scan was a very unpleasant experience, after only being under with gas temporarily, and then stuck 12 times for an IV which left him screaming for two hours. )

Sidney had a optical exam under anesthesia today. It went very well. This time, we specifically asked he NOT be given an IV until he was completely sedated by GAS, if an IV was needed at all. After we explained the last experience to the anesthesiologist and the ophthalmologist, they understood and things went well.

No pressure on his optic nerve now, and what we thought was a dermoid turned out not to be. It's simply scar tissue, from an abrasion while he was in the womb. Still haven't figured out how that happens, but OK. There was some pressure on his optic nerve at some point, and some damage, but the doctor wasn't concerned. He stressed there was -not- current pressure, and even spelled it out N-O-T to make sure we understood things were good. He's concerned about the patching we're doing, and we had to press him for his personal opinion of proper patching and optical correction for astigmatisms. It's really cool to hear the amount of respect doctors have for each other's opinions of treatment. We had to press him a little to get what he thought was the best method, and even then he said it's something debated allot. He seems a very modest man, and has an excellent bedside manner. I'm leaving his name out of the blog because of google caching, and we're sure he has all the work he can handle. ;) Email us for more if you like.

Sidney is learning to take steps one at a time. He gives kisses, and hugs. He's learned this week how to put the top on a bottle and then screw it on. Cool stuff.

Sidney seems to be becoming aware of his hands. We're not sure if he's noticed his are different (or all ours are wrong ;-) ) but he's holding them close for inspection and looking them over front to back. It's really neat to watch, ya, we're still new parents, and diapers are neat for us still. :)

Stay tuned, we'll have more stuff soon.

Oh, and thanks to you guys in Meridian, Mississippi. Your friendship and generosity are so much appreciated. Your girls are growing up so fast and beautiful. Thanks for all the memories, prayers and kindness.

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