Sunday, February 3, 2008

Those darned Paparazzi !

( Today's installment will be written by Sidney with the aid of Ceasar )

I've doing OK lately. I have my own bed now, cause mommy and daddy are still learning how to share things, like their big comfy bed. It's OK, I kind of like being able to roll over twice without bumping into someone. If I wake up in my bed, I can just sit up and play with toys until someone decides to make breakfast.

I had a few photo shoots again this week. They went well, and some good stills were taken. Someone leaked my location to those darned paparazzi and they attacked me ! As you can see in the first photo I was having a good day with the flash and all. My stylist is still M.I.A., but I've been told someone will handle the duties soon. In the second picture you can clearly see my exasperation at that I was -CLEARLY- done with the shoot, but the pap's just kept on firing away. Can they ever get enough ? Sheeeeeesh !

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